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Bernard is a highly technical and business savvy CIO. I have worked with him at Blue Cross Blue Shield and ComplexCare Solutions. At both organizations, he brought a spirit of innovation and cooperation to transform the business and underlying technology. He has the vision to build a responsive, flexible and secure IT organization to support a growing or transforming business. Bernard is very professional with high integrity. He got along extremely well with his peers and management, and was an excellent mentor to his subordinates. I wholeheartedly support Bernard’s employment, and would be glad to speak to any potential employer considering him for hire.

– Mandeep Maini, International Healthcare Technology Consultant at Independent Consulting

Bernard was my direct supervisor at CCS. Bernard brought professionalism, integrity, IT best practices, knowledge and a motivational atmosphere to propel the building of an IT Department to CCS. Bernard is top notch. his drive to understand the business in order to assist in developing the right solutions for the business.

– Laura Pleake, AVP, IT Solutions at ComplexCare Solutions

I have been a co-worker, colleague and friend of Bernard for at least 9 years and have found him to be exceptionally competent, knowledge, professional and diligent. Bernard is also very well liked by our common consulting clients as he was by his direct reports and co-workers. I highly recommend him and can say quite confidently that he would be an asset to any employer.

– Craig Greenfield, CEO at Aegis Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Bernard is a steadfast leader that brings a rational and methodical strategy to problem solving. Under Bernard’s leadership, ComplexCare Solutions were successful in building and implementing an entirely new platform in under twelve months which propelled CCS to operate at a higher level of scalability and efficiency. Bernard was a vital partner to me in growing operations and executing on the delivery of our services.

– Lindsey Conley, Vice President, House Calls, Complex Care Solutions


I have worked with Bernard Piccione for the past year and half at Complex Care Solutions. There were tremendous pressures at CCS to develop and strengthen our technologies and Bernard coached our IT team with vision and determination. His focus on people allowed us to leverage a wide range of technical skills within our IT team, and bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. He served as both our CIO and our IT mentor. He empowers his teams with knowledge, challenges us to become subject matter experts and teaches us to provide clarity for those we serve. I have benefited and grown under the management of Bernard. I am deeply appreciative of what I have learned and how it will benefit me as I go forward in my career. Bernard would be an invaluable asset to any technical department.

– Velva Dedman, Application Support Manager, Complex Care Solutions


I cannot recommend Bernard enough. It was truly an honor to work under his leadership and observe firsthand the results of his work. It is very hard to describe the level of positive influence Bernard had to our organization and the transformation that CCS went through. When thinking about Bernard, words like Vision, Leadership, Experience, Knowledge and Partnership come to mind. If you are looking for an executive who can bring your enterprise to the next level, guide and mentor the team, Bernard is the leader you are looking for.

– Alexander Metlitsky, Associate Director of IS Security, Complex Care Solutions

Bernard Piccione is the consummate IT/Business professional. Bernard’s knowledge, passion, drive and commitment complement the very strong business and technological foundations from which he operates. He is a leaders’ leader, leading by example. Bernard has a respect for all people in an organization regardless of title or rank. I cannot overstate his impact on CCS and his potential to make similar, if not significantly more substantive, contributions in the future. It has been both personally and professionally rewarding to work with him at ComplexCare Solutions.

– Laura B. (Pigott) Jones, Associate Vice President, Applications, ComplexCare Solutions