Bernard piccione

Too tall to be a fighter pilot|Too Clever for his own good

His Story So Far…

Bernard Piccione’s career in tech finds its origins in a 17-year-old kid who just graduated high school. Bernard, who attended a private school and graduated early before his 18th birthday, convinced his father to sign for him so he could enter the military. But Bernard – clocking in at 6’5 – was too tall to make it as a pilot. And while his eyes may not be 20/20 (another small requirement for becoming a pilot), hindsight certainly is.

Bernard scored a 86 on the ASVAB test for the military, which gave him near free reign to choose his job in the military. During this time, he gained hands-on exposure to state of the art technologies with complex radar systems, computer systems, simulators, and nuclear and high explosive missile systems.

This is where the seed of technology was planted.

During his time in the military, Bernard was stationed in both the United States and Western Europe with the Air Defense Command. In both duty assignments, he continued to work with radar system, Hercules / Patriot missile systems and machine-level programming, a facet of his time in the military that has been directly beneficial to the entirety of his career. After his time in the army, Bernard moved right into working for ADP (Automatic Data Processing) as a Sr. Systems & Networking Engineer. From there, he leveraged his military expertise to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the same university, graduating Cum Laude while also earning a series of awards for his full-time work at the Social Law Library. As the Director of Technology at the Social Law Library, Bernard utilized best in class technologies to develop and a variety of technological advances and received multiple awards from the American Association of Law Libraries Nationally.

From there, Bernard Piccione entered the world of healthcare technology as a Manager in Internet Architecture and eBusiness at General Electric Healthcare as he was the recipient of the GE Management Award for Global eLearning deployment across the globe and as the Vice President of Strategy and Architecture of Corporate Information Technology at Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company in Boston, MA.

After his time at Houghton Mifflin, Bernard served as the Senior Director of the Software Quality Assurance team of over 75 personnel at Blue Cross Blue Shield. There, he designed, directed, and implemented the overall full Testing Life Cycle which resulted in creating innovative and robust methods to enhance the quality, quantity, and performance of testing, allowing improved results at implementation and an overall reduction in cost to the business and customers. After his success at Blue Cross, Bernard was recruited by the CEO of Advanced Patient Advocacy LLC, to build an Enterprise IT platform and organization. A sizeable undertaking, Bernard attacked the situation and designed and developed an Online University Program that resulted in additional sales and services with an incremental increase of 18% additional revenue.

After his success at Advanced Patient Advocacy, Bernard was recruited by H.I.G. (previously know as Harvard Investment Group) and the CEO of MagnaCare to build a capable Enterprise IT Platform.

Most recently, Bernard Piccione worked at Complex Care Solutions as the Chief Information Officer. There, he implemented a Learning Management System & Online University that allowed over 1,000 nurses to educate themselves on HIPAA in the comfort of their own homes, negating the need for Complex Care to orchestrate an expensive, educational conference, thus saving the company over $1 million dollars annually. He also designed, developed and deployed a Proprietary Salesforce platform to include Call center integrations, scheduling, in-home assessment, and long-term care management capabilities.

Bernard Piccione is also the Founder of Ingenuity Advisory Partners Inc., a full-service consulting group with a portfolio in global expansion, IT strategy, business intelligence, and more.

In addition to his professional life, Bernard is a loving husband and father of four extremely talented daughters. Splitting his time between the states and his vacation home in Germany, Bernard’s personal life is as much of an adventure as his professional, and it really only takes one conversation with him to figure out that he’s just getting started.

Current Role

InterDent Service Corporation, Chief Information Officer

InterDent provide full service business and administrative support to dental practices so that the dentists can focus on the delivery of the highest quality clinical care and patient satisfaction and of achieving professional fulfillment.
InterDent supports nearly 500 dentists at 200 practice locations.  As CIO, we are transforming the entire technical landscape leveraging world class technologies.

Past Positions

Complex Care Solutions, Chief Information Officer

Complex Care Solutions is a Manhattan based 1200 employee health care services organization, conducting in-home health assessments nationwide encompassing short and long-term care management coordination.

Turnover at June 2014 was $31m at the time Warburg Pincus invested in the Company and I joined as part of the team involved in turning the business around. By the time of my departure in 2016 turnover had risen by 59%.

MagnaCare, LLC, Chief Information Officer and EVP

MagnaCare, a leader in self-insurance and healthcare services, helps employers in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey take control of their healthcare costs.

For more than 20 years, MagnaCare has served self-insured employers and health, workers’ compensation and no-fault payers, including commercial insurers, TPA’s, government entities, and labor markets. Employing 600 in total of whom 65 were in the IT Department.

Currently: Brighton Health Plans


Advanced Patient Advocacy LLC - Vice President of IT, Quality & Training

Advanced Patient Advocacy, LLC provides disability evaluation and advocacy services. The company helps individuals secure government benefits. It also offers hospital-based programs that help patients secure
resources to cover the cost of healthcare. The company employs 1250 throughout US and has an IT staff of 75.

I was recruited by the CEO to turnaround and build an Enterprise IT platform and organization. Throughout this process turnover grew by 22% in just over one year.


  • Boston University, MS in Computer Science, Cum Laude
  • Boston University, BS in Computer Science, Minor Program Management, Cum Laude
  • Veteran of the United States Army – ADA Europe


“Bernard is a steadfast leader that brings a rational and methodical strategy to problem solving. Under Bernard’s leadership, ComplexCare Solutions were successful in building and implementing an entirely new platform in under twelve months which propelled CCS to operate at a higher level of scalability and efficiency. Bernard was a vital partner to me in growing operations and executing on the delivery of our services. ” — Lindsey Conley, Vice President, House Calls, Complex Care Solutions, worked indirectly for Bernard at ComplexCare Solutions, Inc.

” Bernard Piccione is one of the best managers I have ever met, he is a goal oriented, well educated, has great organizational skills, focused team player, a great leader, smart, multi-skilled expert, and ambitious people manager. Bernard Piccione definitely shines in a fast-paced environment. Bernard Piccione is a very good and innovative manager. Deadline oriented team player always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. His technical proficiency is brilliant, has deep expertise in systems and communications and is always focused on satisfying clients. Bernard Piccione is probably one of the best experts I have ever in my career. — Vincent Veiga, Program Manager, MagnaCare, reported to Bernard at MagnaCare

“Bernard’s technical depth, strong leadership skills and ability to interact at all levels of the organization have enabled him to play a vital role in ensuring that our organization successfully accomplishes its IT objectives with a high level of quality.” Dan Hussey, worked with Bernard at BCBSMA


Bernard Piccione graduated Cum Laude from Boston University with a Master’s of Science in Computer Science.

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