Many businesses realize the importance of digital transformation. Despite the fact that many of them are either in the beginning stages of digital transformation or are looking to begin the process, few groups are as far along as they would like to be. Even though organizations are afraid of being left behind, rushing the digital transformation process can be detrimental. According to Michaell Dell, the chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, “Organizations need to modernize their technology to participate in the unprecedented opportunity of digital transformation.” If groups want to participate in digital transformation, they need to ensure that the following tech areas are ready to go.

Adapting to a Multi Cloud Environment

In order for digital transformation to be successful, companies have to move into a multi-cloud strategy. This will help leaders develop new methods of gathering data from a variety of sources and applying it to a variety of processes. Multi-cloud structures require expertise and skilled professionals, however, and if such individuals aren’t in place during digital transformation, the move forward could actually set the company back.

Improving Cybersecurity

When companies undergo digital transformation, they start to move more of their data in the cloud which can be dangerous if companies are ill-prepared. Such a move presents an expanded attack surface. The additional applications and new processes present hackers with more points of entry than ever before. Once hackers are in a system, they can move laterally through the company’s network. The entire system can be compromised by a single weak point. Before companies implement digital transformation, they need to improve their cybersecurity, provide better training to staff, and continue to perform regular tests to stay up to speed.

Utilizing Internet of Things

The IoT, or Internet of Things is another one of the most important pieces of technology that drives digital transformation. With digital transformation comes extensive data and data networks. Data and devices present great opportunities, but only if they are harnessed correctly. The IoT is the best way to integrate data, but it requires skilled individuals and trainings in order to be properly utilized.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another necessary ingredient in digital transformation. Companies have more data available to them than ever before, but the sheer amount of data available can be difficult to process and use. No matter what a group’s industry, artificial intelligence is the answer because it provides an efficient and scalable method of integrating said data.

Digital transformation is taking organizations across the world by storm. But, there are several pieces of instrumental technology behind digital transformation and without the proper technology in place, such a movement can actually cause a company to fall behind.